1. What about if I have not received my voucher yet? No problem, retrieve a copy of your excursion voucher right here !

2. How far is it from the hotel- how long the ride?
The Adventure starts just as you leave your hotel. The time to the first stop can vary depending on the distance of your hotel.

3. Will my kids enjoy it?
This tour is a true eye-opener for kids. Seeing how kids in other countries go to school and live is an experience they will carry with them long after they’re back home. The animals on the ranch are a huge bonus too!

4. What should I take with me? Definitely take a bathing suit (you can wear it under your clothes) and towel, as well as sunscreen, mosquito repellent (just in case), comfortable shoes and cash (US is fine), just in case you would like to buy anything along the way or for tips.

5. Are there children at the school and can we bring them something? There are always children in the school as long as there are classes going on. (Not summer holidays, weekends or local holidays). You can take along anything you would like to give, however please keep in mind that items cannot be given directly to the children due to government regulations.

6. Are we back in time for dinner? All of our clients are back in their hotel between 4pm and 5:30pm depending on the hotel.

7. Can I go if I am pregnant I was reading about bumpy ride? Pregnant women are not permitted on our tours due to safety reasons.

8. Is there a guide that speaks my language? Our guides speak English, French, German and, of course, Spanish.

9. Does the tour still go out if it rains? The tour goes out rain or shine since the rain here doesn’t last long and is usually limited to small areas.

10. How far in advance do you need to book a tour? You should book the tour as soon as you are able, since it does tend to fill up.

11. How long are the tours? Our tours are a full day or a half day, depending on your preference. The full day is usually 7-8 hours and the half day is 4-5 hours.

12. Who provides transfers? You will be picked up from your hotel in one of our very own vehicles, so no transfer is required.

13. Do we have to tip our Tour Guides or Drivers? How much do you think we should give? The practice of tipping is discretionary and it is totally up to you. Gratuities are greatly accepted but not obligatory.

14. Will there be somewhere to leave our personal items while on the tour? You can leave your personal items on the truck as our drivers will stay on the truck while you are off.

Frequently Asked Questions: